Disruptive Technology

DisTec at GSOF Symposium Europe 2022

Breaking the boundaries of Special Operations Forces Capabilities

New for 2022, the Disruptive Technology (DisTec) show floor theatre will provide an innovative forum at GSOF Symposium Europe. Join our speakers as they explore cutting-edge solutions and technological breakthroughs, re-shaping the future of special operations forces (SOF) worldwide.

Our thought-leaders are invited to share their insights, while pioneering exhibitors will present their newest research and technological advancements. To hear from them, secure your place for the exhibition.


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View 2022 agenda >>

Topic areas covered include

The DisTec theatre will witness specialist speakers share their expertise on the latest developments across the below key areas:

  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance (ISTAR)
  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers (C4) Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Autonomous systems and countermeasures

  • Resilient communications

  • Geographic information systems

  • Data Analytics

What are the key sessions for 2022? Take a look here or click on the below button:

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Hear from our SOF experts

  • Dr.  Colone Imre Porkoláb l Deputy National Armaments Director for Defence Innovation | Matthias Corvinus Collegium
  • Professor Tarek Abdelzaher | Professor of Computer Science | University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  • Michael Grochol | CEO | Iron EagleX, Inc.
  • Mr.  Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Michael Campbell | President and General Manager | Privoro Government Solutions
  • Mr. Rich Hart | Principal Professional, Customer Engagement/Business Solutions | Samsung Global B2G
  • Dr. Nick Porter | Regional Sales Manager | Epiq Solutions
  • Alex Martin | CEO | Clearspeed
  • Tristam Constant | Director | Anduril Industries
  • Rob Balloch | Strategy, Sales and Marketing Director | MARSS
  • Mr. Stefano Crosta | VP Software Engineering | MARSS
  • Dr. Alex Reche Martinez | VP ML & AI Research | MARSS
  • Mr. Shaun Barry | Business Development Manager | Spectra Group (UK) Ltd
  • Mr. Dave O'Brien | Technical Lead - Troposcatter | Spectra Group (UK) Ltd