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DisTec 2022


BANS™ - Non-Lethal Weapon 

05 Oct 2022
DisTec Theatre
Exhibitor Showcase

Guardiaris' spinoff, the company Carboteh, successfully patented and launched a non-lethal weapon as a brand-new approach to air defence support weapon capabilities.  


BANS produces a stimulation of a countermeasure of the aircraft missile launch warning and detection system. The warning system recognizes the signal produced by the BANS device and triggers the air platform missile launch warning and detection system. Upon the alarm, the targeted combat aircraft dispenses countermeasures, usually with a decoy of flares. BANS' ingenuity lies in its multiple fake stimulations of the anti-missile defence system and the consequent multiple releases of aircraft countermeasures until the air platform runs out of them. The extensive use of dispensable countermeasures leaves combat aircraft completely vulnerable and easy to hit with anti-aircraft missiles or simply alerts the pilot to abort the mission. BANS’ operation reach is up to 5 km. It enables multiple selections of the VSHORAD missile launching pattern signatures and exact flight patterns emulation. It is a light handheld device that is designed to be dust- and waterproof (IP56) and easily portable as a secondary weapon. It is battery powered and promises up to 500 shots with a single battery pack.  

Primož Peterca, CEO - Carbotech
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