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DisTec 2022


Countering the emerging threat of CAT1 and CAT2 unmanned autonomous vehicles with Hybrid Intelligence

06 Oct 2022
DisTec Theatre
Autonomous systems and countermeasures

At MARSS we help our customers strengthen their defence & security and modernise their cities. NiDAR-core, our Hybrid Intelligence platform, provides turnkey solutions by fusing intelligence and surveillance to afford full situational awareness and control.

During this presentation you will learn about the challenges faced in real environments, from desert to urban. Small errors due to imprecise sensors and noise, conops confusion and poorly integrated systems can make the difference between a successful defence or an attacking drone hitting its target. You will also learn how MARSS systems have overcome these challenges.

The MARSS NiDAR CUAS product embeds our real-world experience and delivers an out-of-the-box automated multi-layer protection shield above an asset. It protects military and civil assets against the growing threat of Unmanned Aerial Systems - from micro-sized UAVs to larger tactical drones. It has both short and long range detection and classification with automated operator alerts and multiple countermeasure layers.
MARSS has years of experience in the field working with customers and cutting edge disruptive technologies. Our systems are fully deployed and operational today and being further developed - such as our Interceptor drone.

Jared N. Shepard, President & Chief Executive Officer  - Hypori
Alex Reche Martinez, VP ML & AI Research - MARSS
Stefano Crosta, VP Software Engineering - MARSS
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