Ukrainian Company goes ahead in development of its business opportunities

encompass logoBeing established in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2017, “ENCOMPASS”, LLC, is a leading importer and distributor of high-technology products, services and state-of-the-art items to the Ukrainian market. Company has been developing a massive pool of international partnership overseas presented by Western leaders in aeronautical sphere with the matter to bring the flagship products and services to the locally based Ukrainian customers. 

Currently, “ENCOMPASS”, LLC has developed considerable logistics, marketing and networking capabilities in order to intimate knowledge of import/ export process and any and all pertinent licenses required by the Government of Ukraine. We are working on getting wide opportunities shortly and to add the defence sector into our network, providing our customers with “turn-key” solutions, pursuant to any and all international due regulations in regard of products and technologies transfer in the military sector.

“ENCOMPASS”, LLC grows organically through the market potential demand and its proven team of professionals familiar with Ukrainian procurement practices. We have developed robust sales channels with its wide network of domestic and international partners. Being the official representative in Ukraine of such worldwide leaders, we have dealer’s agreements with “Trakka Systems”, “PCO”, “David Clark”, “Bose”, “Garmin”, “Blue Sky Network” and others. 

“ENCOMPASS”, LLC is collaborating with the private customers in the territory of Ukraine, as well as we have proven track record supporting projects with Ukrainian Border Guard, Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, Air Force of Ukraine, Ukrainian Navy and Ukrainian Rescue Services. 

We are looking forward to launch a new stage of our development jointly with the new partners in the fields where we all are keen on getting a fresh hint of rising motion.

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