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Networking Opportunities


Expand your networking potential

At GSOF Symposium Europe 2024, exhibitors are warmly invited to participate in various networking events, fostering valuable connections and cultivating lasting relationships within the special operations forces community. These popular evenings allow conversations and relationship-building to continue in a more relaxed environment, providing unique opportunities for collaboration, partnership exploration, and knowledge-sharing.

These networking events provide exhibitors with invaluable platforms to expand their professional networks, cultivate meaningful relationships, and explore potential collaborations within the global special operations forces community. Stay tuned for more details on dates, times, and venues for each event.

exhibitor drinks

Networking Reception


Looking for another reason to start a conversation? Attend the exhibitor drinks networking reception towards the end of GSOF Symposium Europe 2024 and raise a toast alongside the entire Special Operations Forces (SOF) community (more information to follow).

This highly-anticipated event provides a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders, SOF professionals, and key decision-makers in a relaxed, social setting. Mingle with attendees from across the global community, exchange insights, explore potential collaborations over drinks and networking, strengthen partnerships, forge new ones, foster innovation, and drive advancement in the field of special operations. As an exhibitor, leverage this invaluable networking opportunity to connect with potential clients, partners, showcase your expertise, discuss cutting-edge solutions, and gain insights into evolving SOF needs and challenges.

B2B Speed Networking


Back by popular demand, the B2B Speed Networking session returns to GSOF Symposium Europe 2024, bringing you exciting opportunities to foster valuable business partnerships through short, yet highly effective, professionally-matched meetings.

With more information to follow, join us for this exclusive session, strategically scheduled just before the Networking Drinks Reception, ensuring that conversations can seamlessly continue into the evening. Attendees who register for the B2B Speed Networking will receive an email with further details, allowing them to maximize their networking efforts and establish meaningful connections within the special operations forces community. Leverage this efficient platform to explore potential collaborations, exchange insights, and lay the groundwork for lasting business relationships.

Closing Reception

closing reception

Join us in a culminating event of fine wine, appetizers, and entertainment at the Closing Reception of GSOF Symposium Europe 2024. As we close the week with a feeling of European elegance and culture, we cannot wait to share this one-of-a-kind experience with all of you. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, indulge in exquisite culinary delights, and celebrate the success of the symposium.

Several sponsorship opportunities are available, allowing you to be an integral part of this wonderful event and set your brand apart. If you are interested in sponsoring a part of the Closing Reception, please contact us for more details to follow. This is a night to cherish remarkable connections, reflect on the insights gained, and toast to the future of the special operations forces community.