Jacques Grimes

Mr Jacques Grimes

Director, Defense Analysis and Partner Engagement Office, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, USA

Mr. Grimes assumed duties as USDI’s Director for Commonwealth and Partner Engagement on January 4, 2016. He provides direction and oversight of the department’s Commonwealth and other international partnerships. The scope of his duties include working with other OSD and Intelligence Community (IC) offices, the Combat Support Agencies, the Military Services, Combatant Commands, Allied governments and the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization to enhance military intelligence sharing.

Mr. Grimes previously served as USD(I)’s Director for HUMINT and Sensitive Activities where he developed and oversaw policy, advocated for and enabled Defense HUMINT & Sensitive Activities while advising the USD(I) on HUMINT, Cover and National sensitive programs. Prior to that, he served as the Deputy Director, Defense Combating Terrorism Center (DCTC), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), DCTC is a joint, cross-functional Department of Defense (DoD) CT organization, focused on terrorism-related warning, support to collection and military operations, and decision-making. As Chief, Office of Operations Integration (DXI), Defense CI & HUMINT Center, Mr. Grimes integrated, synchronized and deconflicted DoD counterintelligence and HUMINT. He was appointed Assistant Deputy Director for National Intelligence for HUMINT in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) where he worked closely with the National HUMINT Manager, NCS, and USD(I) to identify and exploit opportunities for integration, meaningful end-to-end performance measurements of HUMINT outcomes, and to realign resources to boost overall strength and efficiencies of the National HUMINT Enterprise. Mr. Grimes also served as the Chief, Office of HUMINT Campaigns and HUMINT Targeting in the Directorate for Human Intelligence at DIA.

A dependent of a Foreign Service Officer, Mr. Grimes began his federal service in 1981 as a foreign Export Controls Coordinator with the Office of Strategic Trade Controls-COCOM. U.S. Mission to the Office of Economic Coordination and Development. He joined the U.S. Army’s Military Intelligence Excepted Career Program in 1986 and was assigned as an Intelligence Officer in controlled HUMINT collection in Frankfurt, Germany, and later as Senior Intelligence Officer in Karlsruhe, Germany. Mr. Grimes returned to CONUS in 1992 where he served in various positions of increasing responsibility within DIA’s Directorate for Human Intelligence, to include deployments to the Balkans in support of a Special Access Program during Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR and to the Iraq Survey Group, Baghdad, serving as Chief of Operations and Analysis in support of the DCI’s Special Advisor on Weapons of Mass Destruction. Mr. Grimes has worked and resided in various overseas posts including Panama, Scotland, Malta, Trinidad, Tobago, France, Belgium, Zaire, Tunisia, Denmark, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
A graduate of St. John’s University, Mr. Grimes holds a B.A. in Political Science and Linguistics. He studied Romance Languages and Linguistics as a graduate student at Columbia University, New York and speaks fluent French and German, limited Arabic, Spanish and Italian. Mr. Grimes is also a graduate of the Military Operations Training Course, the Military Operations Seminar, Harvard University’s JFK School of Government, and a myriad of management training courses within the IC.

Mr. Grimes is the recipient of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joint Meritorious Civilian Service Award, the Director DIA Intelligence Award, the National Intelligence Superior Service Medal, the Ellis Award for Excellence in HUMINT Collaboration, the Presidential Rank Award, and the French National Defense Medal.