Maj. Gen. Johan Peeters

Mr Maj. Gen. Johan Peeters

Assistant Chief of Staff, Operations and Training, Belgium

Major General Johan Peeters is the Assistant Chief of Staff, Operations and Training, Belgium.
In 1989 Capt Peeters takes command of the headquarters company of the ParaCdo Regiment. In 1992 he becomes assistant planning officer (AS3 Ops) of the ParaCdo Regiment and assists in the transition from Regiment to ParaCdo Brigade. In this period he participates in operation BLUE BEAM (Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) in former Zaïre) as AS3Ops. During this operation he is temporarily assigned as liaison officer with headquarters of the French forces in Kinshasa. A short time later he participates in operation SUNNY WINTER (NEO deployment to Congo-Brazzaville), again as AS3 Ops.

In 1994, after the advance course (major candidate) Capt Peeters is assigned as Exchange Officer with the US Army in Fort Knox. The first six month he serves as the AS3 Ops of the 194th Separate Armored Bde. When the US decides to de-activate this unit he is admitted as Small Group Instructor in the Armored Advance Course where he instructs US and foreign Capt and Lt on tactics and leadership.

Returning from the US in mid-1996 he is designated as AS3 Ops of the ParaCdo Bde. Following a new crisis in Congo he participates to operation GREEN STREAM (deployment of the ParaCdo Bde to Congo-Brazzaville) as the liaison officer to the US command in Congo-Brazaville.
From July 1997 till July 1999 Maj Peeters has the privilege to support SACEUR (General Wesley Clark) as his ADC. This period is characterized by the NATO operation ALLIED FORCE in Serbia and Kosovo.

Following the higher staff course Major Peeters is designated as staffofficer to the Operational Command Land. He participates in the redesign of the Landforces and contributes to the analysis of the new responsibilities of the new Belgian integrated command structure.
From February 2001 till July 2004 Major Peeters returns to 1Para, first as second in command and later as commanding officer. Whilst being second in command he participates to operation BELUKOS in Kosovo as senior liaison officer to the French Bde headquarters in Mitrovica. Once in command of 1Para, after the PSO mission in KFOR, he emphasizes training of the unit in the field of special operations.

After command he resumes an international staff assignment in Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in Norfolk, US from mid-2004 to mid-2007 in the section Strategic Engagement and Vision.
Following the ACT experience he teaches Joint Operations in the Belgian Defense College for three years.

Colonel Peeters returns to the practice of Belgian operations as Chief of the Operations Division of ACOS O&T. (August 2010 – January 2014)
After attending the Senior Course at the NATO Defense College in Rome he is a member of the Governance and Policy Support Team tasked by CHOD with the development of a new strategic plan. From January 2015 till July 2016 he was leading this team.

Upon his promotion to Major General on June 26th 2016 he is designated as Deputy Operations to the Assistant Chief of Staff Operations and Training. On September 1st 2017 he is appointed as Assistant Chief of Staff Operations and Training.