Perica Turalija

Confirmed: Brigadier General Perica Turalija

Commander, HRV Special Operations Forces, Croatia

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Brigadier General Perica Turalia, Commander, HRV Special Operations Forces, Croatia

Brigadier General Perica Turalija has served as an active duty Croatian Armed Forces officer since 1991. During the Croatian Homeland War (1991 – 1996), he served in the Military Police, Infantry and Special Forces (as Special Military Police Company Commander, Ministry of Defense Special Unit “Zrinski Battalion” Company Commander, and the 1st Croatian Guards Corps as Battalion Deputy Commander).

After the reorganization of the Croatian Armed Forces (CAF) in 2000, and the introduction of the Special Forces Battalion into the new CAF structure, he served at different leadership and staff positions within the Battalion. From July 2009 until September 2014, he commanded the Croatian Land Forces Military Intelligence Battalion. Since then he has returned to the CAF Special Forces community, first assuming command of the Special Forces Battalion, and after Special Forces reorganization in December 2014 assuming command of the Special Operations Forces Command.

Brigadier General Turalija holds a Master of Education and Computer Science Degree from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Rijeka. He is a graduate of the Croatian Army “Ban Josip Jelačić” War College. In addition, he is airborne qualified, mountain warfare instructor, small unit tactics instructor and special weapons instructor.

Brigadier General Turalija has been awarded the Commemorative Medal of Homeland Gratitude, Commemorative Medal of the Homeland War, Order of Croatian Trefoil, Medal for participation in Operation “Summer ‘95”, Medal for participation in Operation “Storm”.