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Major General Peter BOYSEN

Commander, Special Operations Forces, Denmark
Peter H. Boysen Commander Special Operations Command Since April 2018 Major General Peter H. Boysen has served as Commander of Special Operations Command, Denmark. The Jaeger Corps and the Frogman Corps are subordinated to the Special Operations Command. From June 2018 until end of 2021 he served as commander of the Composite Special Operations Component Command, which is headquarters formed by Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark and made available for the NATO Response Force. Major General Boysen believes in the fact that trust and delegation of tasks make the best solutions, also expressed through Mission Command, cooperation and not least communication. Major General Boysen graduated from the Royal Danish Military Academy in 1989, and since then he has served in various command and staff positions, only interrupted by his graduation from Advanced Command and Staff College in the United Kingdom, which he attended in the period 1999 to 2000. His assignments include: Company Commander, The Prince’s Life Regiment (1995 – 1997); Adjutant to the Minister of Defense (1997-1999); Staff Officer at the Danish Defence Command (2000-2002); Section Chief, Exercises (J7), Joint Command Southwest CC Land HQ in Madrid (2002-2006); Commander Infantry Battalion, Danish Defence Command (2006-2008); Branch Chief International Operations, Plan and Policy, Danish Defence Command (2008-2010); deployed as Chief Joint Operations Centre, UNTSO (2010-2011); Chief of Staff Defence Acquisition and Logistics Planning (2011-2013); Chief of Plan and Policy, Danish Defence Command (2013- 2015); Deputy Chief Joint Operations, Danish Defence Command (2015-2018). Major General Boysen has been deployed several times during his carrier. Major General Boysen was born in Vejle, Denmark on April 3, 1963 and is married to Helle Boysen with whom he has two grown up daughters. They live in Copenhagen. He loves to run, ride his bicycle and spend time with his family and friends.