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Brigadier General Philipp SÉGUR-CABANAC

Commander, Special Operations Forces, Austria (Confirmed)

Name:                       Philipp SÉGUR-CABANAC

Date and

place of birth:           19 June1975 in Vienna, Austria

Rank:                        Brigadier General (GS)

Academic degrees: Master of Laws, Master of Higher Military Leadership

Unit/Office:              Jagdkommando (AUT SOF)

Function:                  Commander

Marital status:           Married to Eva-Maria (since 2005)

Children:                   Sophie (2006), Paul (2009), August (2011), Marie (2018)

Place of residence:   Vienna

1993-1994: Basic training as a one-year volunteer, branch: infantry

      1995-1998:      Officers training at the Theresian Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt, branch: infantry

      1998-2002:      Platoon leader and deputy company commander in the 25th airborne Infantry Battalion in Klagenfurt

      2002-2003:      32nd Commandos Basic Course; platoon leader in Wiener Neustadt

      2003-2007:      Commander of the 2nd Commandos Company in Wiener Neustadt

      2007-2010:      18th General Staff Course at the National Defence Academy in Vienna

      2010-2012:      Chief instructing officer & researcher in the field of tactics at the National Defence Academy in Vienna

      2012-2014:      Cours Supérieur d’État-Major (CSEM) and École de Guerre (brevet 2014) at the École Militaire in Paris

      2014-2019:      Head of section in the Military Strategy Division of the General Staff Directorate

Since April 2019:  Commander Jagdkommando (AUT SOF)


Missions abroad:


               1999:      Deputy platoon leader with ATHUM ALBA, Albania

      1999-2000:      Platoon leader with KFOR 1, Kosovo

      2002-2003:      Task Unit commander with the Special Operations Forces/AUT of KFOR 7, Kosovo

               2011:      Chief of staff MNBG WEST with KFOR 24, Kosovo