Phil Wagner

Confirmed: Dr Phil Wagner

CEO & Founder , Sparta Science

Dr. Phil Wagner is the CEO & Founder of Sparta Science, a Silicon Valley based software company dedicated to helping the world move better. Founded in 2014, Sparta Science is now the leader in applying data science and machine learning to force plate data for more than 120 organizations worldwide - including sports organizations across all levels, elite and conventional military groups, and healthcare.

While attending medical school at University of Southern California, Phil also worked as a strength and conditioning coach at University of California, Berkeley and University of California, Los Angeles where he developed his data driven process for objective training methodology. During that time, Phil and his colleagues published several peer-reviewed articles in the school’s biokinesiology lab that addressed inaccuracy of physical evaluation and injury risk mitigation techniques practiced in the field.

After graduating from medical school, Phil moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area and opened Sparta Performance Science in 2008, a performance facility for elite athletes, where he built and tested the force plate technology now known as Force Plate Machine Learning™. Phil is now recognized as a thought leader in the emerging human performance technology industry and also, as CEO, leads Sparta Science in shaping the way human movement is optimized.

With 4 patents, several more pending and over 20 published, peer reviewed research studies, Sparta Science continues to advance the health technology industry.