Robert Brzęk

Colonel Robert Brzęk

Chief of Planning Division , POLSOCOM

Colonel Robert Brzęk is the Chief of Planning Division of POLSOCOM. He joined the military in 1991. During his professional career he has been appointed to numerous reconnaissance and intelligence as well as operational related positions.  From 2012 to 2015 he served at NATO Special Operations Headquarters. COL Brzęk was deployed to Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. He holds Bachelor degree in management studies at Tadeusz Kościuszko Higher Officer School in Wrocław as well as Master’s degree in Information Technology at University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów. Additionally COL Brzęk completed the postgraduate in Anti-Terrorism Studies at National Defense Academy in Warszawa.  Participated in numerous courses conducted by NATO SOF School (NSOS), Joint Special Operations University, NATO School Oberammergau (NSO). He has been NSOS, NSO lecturer and an assistant-temporary at the Department of National Security at the Jagiellonian University.