UK Integrated Review


Modernising Defence in a Competitive Age

In March 2021 ,the UK Integrated Review released its plans to further strengthen security and defence at home and overseas. UK will continue to work with allies and partners in defeating imposed threats and challenges to security in the physical world and online.

The document revealed a significant restructuring plan, with up to 10,000 positions to be cut in the armed forces. This will help the refinement and 'specialisation' of existing units, the formation of new units, and adaptation to newer, more modern technologies.

The report also promises to support others in the Eastern European neighbourhood and beyond in building their resilience to state threats. Taking place in Warsaw, GSOF Symposium Europe 2021 is a great opportunity for key officials across millitary, government and commercial stakeholders to come together to explore topical developments and advance Special Operations Forces capabilities. 

Full Integrated Review

Full Integrated Review

Strategic Framework Breakdown

1. Sustaining strategic advantage through science and technology

  • 1.1 Growing the UK’s science and technology power
  • 1.2 Responsible, democratic cyber power 

2. Shaping the open international order of the future

  • 2.1 A force for good: supporting open societies and defending human rights
  • 2.2 An open, resilient global economy
  • 2.3 Extending an open international order in future frontiers: The UK in the world: a European country with global interests and The Indo-Pacific tilt: a framework 

3. Strengthening security and defence at home and overseas

  • 3.1 Countering state threats: defence, disruption and deterrence: The nuclear deterrent 
  • 3.2 Conflict and instability
  • 3.3 Homeland security and transnational security challenges 

4. Building resilience at home and overseas

  • 4.1 Building the UK’s national resilience
  • 4.2 Tackling climate change and biodiversity loss
  • 4.3 Building health resilience


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"We will prioritise higher-risk research to support the modernisation of our armed forces. Over the next four years, we will invest at least £6.6 billion of defence funding in advanced and next-generation R&D to deliver an enduring military edge in areas including space, directed energy weapons, and advanced high-speed missiles." 
The Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy