Why Warsaw?


Building on the success of recent events in Central and Eastern Europe, GSOF Symposium Europe will take place in Warsaw, Poland, from 26-28 October 2021.

The host was originally chosen for this event as 2020 marked the centennial of the Battle of Warsaw, where the Polish Army defeated the Bolsheviks. This important milestone in Polish and European history was due to be commemorated throughout the year in the capital city, including the inauguration of a new museum. We have developed excellent relationships with Polish special forces and key regional defence ministers and look forward to joining the belated celebrations in October 2021.

The Global SOF Foundation is delighted to have secured official endorsement from the Polish Ministry of National Defence. We look forward to working with local special operations forces and welcoming military and industry representatives from across Europe and further afield to the event.

Historical background

Bolshevik invasion

By 1920, the Bolsheviks had triumphed in the Russian Civil War, but the borders of the Bolshevik-ruled state were still uncertain. In Lenin’s view, the Polish-Soviet War was a great way to test the strength of the Red Army.

The Poles, asserting their newly found independence, pressed eastward into Belarus and Ukraine, leading to clashes as the Red Army extended Bolshevik rule westward. Lenin saw Poland as the stepping stone to allow him to spread communism into central and Western Europe.

Despite being warned that the invasion would unite the Polish classes, Lenin was sure that when they invaded Warsaw the Polish Communists would lead the working class to welcome the Red Army as liberators.

The miracle on the Vistula

As Russia had oppressed Poland historically, when the invasion came, all of the classes did indeed unify and defeated the Red Army. Lenin surrendered and retreated, signing a peace agreement (Treaty of Warsaw), which included giving the Polish control of Ukraine and the establishment of the Russo-Polish border.

The battle is widely regarded as one of the most important in history, stopping the spread of communism to Europe.

More information

With a rich history, Warsaw encompasses both tradition and modernity with all things, particularly in the architecture. Its central location also offers a gateway to many famous European destinations.

Why not bring your family and extend your visit to GSOF Symposium Europe 2021 to explore all of the culture this city has to offer?

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