Uniting the global community of special operations forces

GSOF Symposium Europe is a conference and exhibition which brings international SOF stakeholders together to network, explore topical developments and do business. The next edition will be held on 4-6 October 2022 at the HungExpo in Budapest, Hungary.



Who attends GSOF Symposium Europe?

Who attends GSOF Symposium Europe?


SOF-related attendees


Participating organisations
Take a look at the entire list

Take a look at the entire list

A special message from the Hungarian Ministry of Defence

Hungary is honored to be a part of the larger NATO allied Special Operations Forces (SOF) Community and participate in its future growth. This event will highlight the strides we have made in this area, also placing a focus on our regional SOF partners.

- Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky 
  Minister of Defence, Hungary


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Valens Global’s take on the R2 theory

Valens Global, our exhibitor for GSOF Symposium Europe 2022 has put together an exclusive whitepaper that highlights thought-provoking ideas and concepts to fill critical gaps in the current Resilience & Resistance (R2).

Interested to find out more? Click here to access an electronic version of this document.

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