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2023 Symposium Agenda - Thursday


The Role of SOF in Competition, Crisis and Conflict: Situation Reports

26 Oct 2023
Open Symposium
SOF formations are operating daily around the globe to deter conflict, respond to crises, and execute kinetic missions. This remarkable panel will bring together SOF leaders from many different regions to discuss experiences, lessons learned, challenges and opportunities, as well as the way ahead from their unique perspectives.
Mr. Peter BERGEN, Vice President for Global Studies & Fellows at New America, Professor at Arizona State University, Security Analyst - CNN
Colonel Sean BERG, Deputy Commander - U. S. Special Operations Command Pacific
Brigadier General Pedro Arnulfo SÁNCHEZ SUÁREZ, Deputy Commander of the Joint Special Operations Command - Colombia
Mr. Benedikt VANGELI, Head of Centre Against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats - Czech Republic Ministry of the Interior