Ash Alexander-Cooper

OBE Ash Alexander-Cooper

Specialist Military Unit Colonel, British Army

Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE is a former specialist military unit Colonel in the British Army, world-championship athlete and award-winning international musician. During a diverse 22-year regular career, Ash worked as an airborne and jungle warfare specialist with the Gurkhas, an operational helicopter pilot and counter-terrorist specialist, having spent 82 months deployed leading British and NATO forces. Wounded both in Iraq and Afghanistan, Ash is passionate about ‘giving back’ and is proud to support a number of international charities and has recently founded the UNSUNG Foundation to support all veterans of service around the world. Since retirement, Ash has been a Senior Partner at McChrystal Group, serves in the Army Reserve and supports a number of cutting-edge technology firms. Recognising that companies today experience parallels to what he and his colleagues faced in combat, Ash helps businesses and leaders develop the necessary mindset, behaviours, resilience and skills to adapt and win in today’s increasingly complex world.