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Brigadier General Pedro Arnulfo SÁNCHEZ SUÁREZ

Brigadier General Pedro Arnulfo SÁNCHEZ SUÁREZ

Deputy Commander of the Joint Special Operations Command, Colombia

PEDRO ARNULFO SÁNCHEZ SUÁREZ born in Boavita (Boyacá); He is a Colombian Air Force officer with the rank of Brigadier General. He has been the deputy commander of the Colombian Joint Special Operations Command, since 2021. Previously, he served as the Commander of Air Combat Command No. 4. Earlier in his career, he worked in different units: 

  • Air Combat Command No. 5, deputy commander. 
  • Headquarters of Aeronautical Education, COLAF air and space doctrine commander. 
  • Colombian Air Force Recruiting Command, recruiting deputy director. • Air Combat Command No. 5, S-3 
  • Air Combat Command No. 5, 511 “Arpía” attack squad commander. • Air Combat Command No. 5, 513 “Halcón” assault squad commander. 

Early life and education 

BG Sanchez was born and raised in Boavita (Boyacá). He married Mrs. Carmen Alicia Mera Lasso. He has one child, Alejandro (7 years old). He graduated from the Aviation Military Academy, Marco Fidel Suárez. He earns a master’s degree in National Security and a Master´s in Strategic Thinking and Foresight, both from ESDEGUE (Escuela Superior de Guerra, Colombian War College). 


After his commission as a Lieutenant in the Air Force, he completed different military courses and qualifications as a military pilot reaching 6.500 flight hours, product of 17 years flying helicopters and 6 years flying transport planes. 

He has been awarded with several decorations including: “medal to courage” three times and “Distinguished Services in Public Order”.