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Czech NGO
Martin graduated in political science (B.Sc., Faculty of Arts, Charles University), international relations and journalism (M.Sc., Faculty of Arts, Charles University). He gained his first journalistic experience in the foreign editorial office of Czech Radio, later he worked in the editorial office of the news website and multimedia project Battle for Radio and especially at Radio Wave. He completed an internship at the Armenian news television Civilnet. He filmed reports in the slums of India, on the frontlines of eastern Ukraine and in the gold mines of the Caucasus. He interviewed the former chief executioner of Belarus, the author of the Standford Prison Experiment and dozens of witnesses as part of the Memory of the Nation project. Member of the jury of the Stories of Our Neighbours project. Co-author of the documentary film In Kiev They Don't Shoot. Author of the Academy of Sciences podcast series Science Within Reach. Currently works in the international department of Post Bellum as part of the Memory of the Nation project. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he has been the main coordinator of the event Help Ukraine with Memory of the Nation.