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Lieutenant Colonel René VAN RIET

Royal Air Force, Netherlands, NSHQ Air Development Programme

LCOL van Riet arrived at the NSHQ in June 2019 after working for the SOCOM project team to set up the Netherlands (NLD) SOCOM (IOC 5 December 2018). 

LCOL van Riet joined the Air Force in 1985 being an operational pilot until 2002 when he became an Instructor Pilot on the CH-47 in Ft. Rucker Alabama (2002-2006). After that he worked for the NLD MOD Directorate Plans (2006-2009), NLD Defence Helicopter Command as the Ops Officer (2009-2012) of the 298 Chinook Squadron, NLD Joint Special Operations (2012/15) and the Air Force Staff (2015/17).

LCOL van Riet has been deployed to Iraq, Cambodia, Macedonia, Albania, Eritrea, Bosnia, and Afghanistan.