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MAG Aerospace

Gold Sponsor: MAG Aerospace

MAG is on the leading edge of technological advances, which enables us to rapidly prototype, integrate, and connect joint, next generation capabilities across air, land, maritime, space and cyberspace domains. This enables us to deliver full-spectrum joint domain command and control services with premier engineering & operational solutions worldwide. 

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Stationary Sponsor: Clearspeed


Clearspeed is the market leader for accelerating processing by identifying potential fraud risks in speech. Global organizations trust our highly accurate and unbiased voice analytics to fast-track transactions and vetting processes by quickly screening for financial fraud or security risk. Our customers and partners rely on the unique data we provide to reduce their costs, improve their risk confidence and drive operational efficiencies while keeping fraud in check and delivering a more streamlined customer experience. Click on the below button to learn more.

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Lanyards & Badge Sponsor: SMX Tech

SMX LOGO BANNERSMX are a team of technical and domain experts dedicated to enabling your mission. From priority national security initiatives for the DoD to highly assured and compliant solutions for healthcare, they understand that digital transformation is key to your future success.

SMX strive to accelerate your impact on the world by bringing both cutting-edge technology and an expansive view of what’s possible to every engagement.

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Coffee Sponsor: Atlantic Signal

Atlantic Signal

North America's largest custom tactical communication's designer, manufacturer and supplier.

They not only design, develop and manufacture headsets and push-to-talks, they have their own engineering and design teams, cable and connector manufacturing, CNC machines, 3D printers, laser engraving and mold making divisions. All of the products manufactured were designed, developed and manufactured in the United States – more specifically in Topeka, Kansas.

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Onsite networking Sponsor: ALL.SPACE

ALLSPACE BANNERALL.SPACE was formed in 2013 as Isotropic Systems Ltd before renaming in 2022. The mission still remains, to continuously pioneer innovation designed to extend the boundaries of global connectivity for our customers worldwide.

ALL.SPACE believe in tackling structural problems head-on – not patching them over.

Their team has pioneered completely new areas of science, working at the level of fundamental physics to invent materials and structures that are fit for purpose and deliver exceptional performance.

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Registration Sponsor: World Wide Technology 

wwt logoWWT is a financially strong, privately held global technology service provider with over 30 years of experience helping the world's largest and most innovative organizations think differently about technology and how it can drive their business forward.

We've got smart people who can help you learn about the latest tech, acquire new skills and train your team on the solutions integral to your organization's success. 

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Event Bag Sponsor: Kymeta

Kymeta logoKymeta's disruptive technology and innovations are supported by a world-class research and development facility and a team that includes some of the brightest minds in the industry. Together, they are building and delivering the next generation of satellite and cellular connectivity.

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